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A weekly discussion about all things horror. Movies, Television, Books, Video Games. We cover the history, behind the scenes, and philosophy of it all

April 20, 2021

EP41 Willy’s Wonderland.

Hello all you Ed-Heads and Timbos, This week you are in for a treat.


We are joined once again by none other than the Moustachioed one himself. Daniel Segura the host of the Moustachioed Podcastio. That's right, the Bloody Buddies ride again! So buckle up buckeroos as we dive deep into the evil heart of Willy's Wonderland.

A fever dream of a film, Nick Cage Nick Cages all over a Five Nights at Freddy's style restaurant, when surprise surprise the satanicly haunted by souls of a serial killer super group animatronics want a piece of him.

Tim tells us about a chick sniffing bull dicks, I explain Diva Cups to him, and we figure out a side hustle. With all that and more, who could miss this? Also buy one of our hats ya cheap fucks.


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