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A weekly discussion about all things horror. Movies, Television, Books, Video Games. We cover the history, behind the scenes, and philosophy of it all

August 3, 2021

EP55 - Evil Dead 2

Hello all you Ed-Heads, Timbos, and Candice Clap Catchers.


This week we are tackling one of the big ones. Evil Dead 2. As we begin Ahh Guts! A month of calibration of all things gore, guts, dummies, and practical effects.


Join us as Tim talks slurping cum from an asshole with a crazy straw, Candice gives her perfect horny time poster pick, and I sound like shit for 16 mins, cause everything should go wrong. It's Evil Dead, and I am your Ash.


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Pay attention to the music Johnny. I've hidden something in there for you.

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