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A weekly discussion about all things horror. Movies, Television, Books, Video Games. We cover the history, behind the scenes, and philosophy of it all

August 19, 2021

EP59 - Cannibal Holocaust PT 2

Hello all you Ed-Heads, Timbos, and Candice Clap Catchers. Part 2 of the mondo horror exploitation film Cannibal Holocaust!


We are back once again, Joined by Asherz from the Wednesdays we talk weird podcast. Just putting a bow on this episode.  Wow, it gets sexy this time. Tons of love making in the air. The greatest portmanteau ever committed to a compressed audio format, and my dumb ass makes a point for a second. Then goes back to jokes about eating dicks. RIP Trevor Moore.


Asherz, and her podcast Wednesdays we talk Weird at. https://linktr.ee/ItsAsherz

follow @eddietheaxe @yobogold and @canorick1 on twitter!

You cheap bastards still don't have us up to the point of releasing bonus episodes, and how many have I released? Fuckers. https://www.patreon.com/bloodybits

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