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A weekly discussion about all things horror. Movies, Television, Books, Video Games. We cover the history, behind the scenes, and philosophy of it all

August 31, 2021

EP62 - Frontier(s) PT 1

Hello all you Ed-Heads, Timbos, and Candice Clap Catchers. Welcome to our final entry for AhhhhGuts!


This week we are joined by Daniel, the host of the Moustachioed Podcastio

And we are talking about the 2007 new French extremity horror film Frontier(s) Join us as we get out of the city, away from the riots. Hit up a lazy little hotel, bang out a couple crazy nazi broads, and watch as wacky hijinks ensue.


Along with this we get some expert well.... actually Candice moments (I tease, but she brings some great info on the genera) pared nicely with some sage like, man fingering advice from Tim Yobo. We ponder the origins of nougat, and our friend Daniel might have a few fun babies... Just kidding Daniel. I know you read these.


Anyhow, tune in later this week for the thrilling conclusion of the show, but until then, you can check us out on twitter. Candice @canorick1 Terrible handle. Tim @yobogold  Daniel @mpodcastio

And don't forget our patreon https://www.patreon.com/bloodybits.

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