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A weekly discussion about all things horror. Movies, Television, Books, Video Games. We cover the history, behind the scenes, and philosophy of it all

July 20, 2021

EP53 - Psycho Goreman

Hello all you Ed-heads and Timbos.


This week, we fucking jump on the Wild hunt shit from outer space, no not The Witcher.  And we discuss the 2021 Comedy Horror Psycho Goreman!


Joined this week by Bloody Buddy Charlie, we finally talk about something non rape/erotic lactation related.

A couple Canadian kids unearth the Wishmasters gem, and it unleashes an alien criminal scum ala Men In Black to savage our universe. Only problem, a true psycho, a little girl is able to bend his will to her every beckoned call. It really has it all. Double decapitations, calvinball, a cool dad telling a story about friendly van strangers, and the best brain in a jar gleep glops this side of The Outer Limits.


If you aren't already a member of the Patreon, what are you waiting for? This was something we did on a livestream! Just like The Drone. A drone flies up a fat mans asshole for Christ's sake. Go to https://www.patreon.com/bloodybits and find out.


also, Frig Off! Corey Trevor smokes... lets go.

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